Case Study: Thermal Camera

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In this case study, we'll explore our work with Shawn to design and develop their new thermal cameras for cars. Our team provided end-to-end product design and development services, including ideation, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing.

The Challenge

Shawn approached us with the goal of creating new thermal cameras for cars. He had a general concept in mind, but needed our help to bring it to life.

Night Vision Thermal Camera was inspired by a harrowing experience that one of its founders, Shawn, had a few years ago. While on a trip with friends to a campsite in rural South Carolina, the driver missed a turn on a moonless night. With limited cell service and poor visibility, Shawn and the other passengers had to help navigate the car through the dark backcountry roads for 30 stressful minutes. The car's standard headlights were insufficient for the task, prompting Shawn to seek out a solution that could provide better visibility beyond what regular headlights could offer.

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We began the project by conducting in-depth research, as well as their competitors in the market. From there, we held several collaborative ideation sessions with the client to further refine their vision for the product.

We conducted and researched existing products and proposed several solutions to this idea, of which (using a different type of lighting, GPS, thermal camera) we settled on thermal camera and provided ideas for its implementation. We substantiated its strengths and weaknesses, which helped to improve it further. Our resulting solution provides reliable and accurate imaging in challenging conditions.

Once we had a solid concept in place, we moved on to prototyping. Our team used a combination of digital and physical prototyping methods to test and refine the design. We then conducted user testing to ensure the product met the needs and expectations of our client's target audience.

With the design and functionality of the product finalized, we worked with our manufacturing partners to produce a small batch of prototypes for further testing and validation.

Developing process

Our team has successfully completed the development process of creating a new thermal vision camera for cars. Here are the stages we followed to bring this product to life:

Concept Development: Our team started by conducting extensive research to identify gaps in the market and understand customer needs. We analyzed the latest technology advancements and came up with innovative ideas to improve upon existing designs. Through collaboration and brainstorming, we were able to narrow down our ideas and select the best concept for our thermal vision camera.

3D CAD Design: Our designers then worked tirelessly to create a sleek and user-friendly camera. We utilized cutting-edge software and technology to develop a detailed 3D CAD design that accurately captured every aspect of the camera's functionality and design.

Prototyping & Testing: Once the 3D CAD design was finalized, our team of engineers moved on to the prototyping stage. We created multiple prototypes to test the camera's accuracy and durability. We tested the camera in various environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and weather conditions, to ensure that it works flawlessly in any situation.

Manufacturing Support: After we were satisfied with the performance and reliability of the camera, we provided manufacturing support to ensure that the product is produced to the highest quality standards. We worked closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that every aspect of the production process was optimized for efficiency and quality.

In conclusion, our team worked collaboratively through the concept development, 3D CAD design, prototyping & testing, and manufacturing support stages to create a high-quality thermal vision camera for cars that meets and exceeds customer expectations. We are proud of our work and confident that our product will provide a superior user experience compared to any other thermal vision camera on the market.

Results & Feedback

"After several rounds of testing and iteration, we were able to deliver a final product that exceeded our client's expectations. The new thermal camera has since been launched and has received positive feedback from both customers and industry professionals. Now operating in the hunting, farm & ranch, wildlife preservation, offroad, first responder, public safety, government, trucking and industrial markets and beyond!

This project demonstrated our ability to work collaboratively with clients to bring their product visions to life. We leveraged our expertise in product design and development to create a unique and functional product that stands out in a crowded market."

KDE’s support has positively impacted the internal team, as their work freed the client to do additional tasks. They are phenomenal project managers with a communicative and collaborative approach. Overall, their team is flexible, dedicated, and proactive.

Shawn Groce

Founder and CTO of Nitride Thermal

Brooklyn, New York, USA

5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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