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KDE is a hardware product development agency

The KDE Team offer solutions for any stage of development from an initial idea generation & conceptual sketch through to final production. We have the experience and devotion to help you whatever stage of business you are at, from startup companies wanting to visualize and define their first product, through to the experienced businesses looking to outsource their current design and drafting needs. We will help you to achieve the best outcome for your project!



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Our Pricing

Our Pricing Depending on the complexity of the product the budget does vary based on a few variables such as how many components are a part of the assembly, the industry and regulations such as medical or military, required speed to market, and much more. Our hourly rate starts from 35$ per hour. Also, we works on simple projects that are as little as $5,000 up to the more complex projects to $30,000 and startups that can reach upwards of $60,000. To get a better understanding schedule a meeting to review your product or idea here.


Our process has been refined over hundreds of projects. It is based on rapid iterations that produce concrete ideas and tangible prototypes that can be viewed, assessed, tested, and refined.

Using our proven step-by-step process, we work with you to create the product, packaging, and materials you need to confidently pursue your business goals, knowing you have access to engineering, design and commercialization support at all times.

Our Team

Dmytro Kostyria


Yura Kravchuk

Product designer

Yaroslav Hrytsiuk

Industrial designer

Alex Bolshov

Electronic engineer/Software Engineer

Roman Romanishun

Mechanical engineer

Anton Sushko

Mechanical engineer

Sergii Alekseenko

Mechanical engineer

Mykola Tereshenko

Mechanical engineer

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