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For startups, inventors, hardware & consumer electronics products.

End-To-End Physical Product Design & Development company

At KDE, we design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture products for Startups, Small Businesses, inventors, entrepreneurs, and large companies alike.

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Product Design

Creative experts crafting user-centric product designs, blending form and function, to meet market demands and deliver exceptional experiences.


Product Strategy

Start with the outcome in mind. Early planning and setting requirements help the development process proceed more predictably and reduces development costs.

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Industrial design

Our industrial design team works alongside our product engineers to develop beautiful concepts that are manufacturable and meet your business requirements.


Mechanical Engineering

An expert design engineering team finds creative solutions to technical challenges, allowing your product to meet marketing, regulatory and user’s requirements.


Product Development

End-to-end transformation of ideas into market-ready products. From research and prototyping to testing and refinement, we guide your vision with expertise and cutting-edge technologies.


Electronics Engineering

Our experienced electronics design engineers work side-by-side with our industrial designers and mechanical engineers as part of a complete in-house design and problem-solving team.


Product prototyping

Design for manufacturing service that can work with either yourself or your company's team to help develop design solutions for a particular engineering problem or product.

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Product manufacturing

Quickly get your design into reliable production. We provide manufacturing set-up and support from the onset of your project to ensure a smooth transition to volume production.


A guide to inventing your idea with KDE

KDE eBook encompasses a comprehensive guide to turning your concept into a successful design. It includes insights on market research, product design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing.

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At KDE, we follow a thorough and structured design process that includes several steps, such as identifying the target market and intended use case, creating technical drawings and specifications, prototyping and testing, and overseeing production.

We believe that good communication and collaboration with our clients are key to the success of any project. That's why we work closely with our clients throughout the design process to ensure that the product meets their needs and expectations. This may involve regular communication, prototyping and testing, and making adjustments as needed.

At KDE, we believe in transparency when it comes to budgets and cost estimates. We work with our clients to understand their needs and budget constraints, and will provide detailed estimates to help them make informed decisions.

At KDE, we take the protection of our client's intellectual property and confidentiality very seriously. We have policies in place, such as non-disclosure agreements, to ensure that our client's ideas and information are protected.

The timeline and cost of building the first prototype for a hardware product can vary depending on the complexity of the product, the materials and manufacturing processes used, and the resources required. At KDE, we work closely with our clients to understand their timelines and budget constraints and will do our best to build the prototype within the desired timeframe and budget. However, it's important to note that the prototyping phase can take longer for more complex products or if unexpected issues arise, and the cost of the prototype may not be indicative of the final cost of the product. We recommend allowing ample time and budget for prototyping and testing to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications and performance criteria.