Industrial design

Transform your idea into a great product.

User Research

We do user research for insight into their target clients, including their needs and pain points, so the best design is not possible without this stage. Our designers explore problems and design opportunities by using a variety of methods.

Ergonomic industrial design


Ergonomics and anthropometry play a fundamental role in industrial design. The scale and capabilities of humans provides critical guidelines for the successful development of product and interface designs. By appropriate application of data, designers can make designs that are efficient and effective to use.

Rendering Wireless Headphones with different color

Color Materials and Finish (CMF)

The last step is to determine the colour options and materials for the design process products. Our design team will select and propose options appropriate to specific consumer characteristics and manufacturing. The selection of colours also depends on consumer profiles and product perceptions.


Product next go through an ideation phase to develop product concept with an emphasis on functionality and use. We develop the product and look at materials, parting line, material breaks and final form factor.